Ray’s Seniors on Display – With a Zest for Life!


“It is time to look beyond the stereotypes to glimpse what creativity makes possible for all of us.” – Gene D. Cohen M.D., Ph.D, from The Creative Age: Awakening Human Potential in the Second Half of Life


Senior Art Exhibition Offers Each Of Us That Creative Glimpse: Over 100 pieces of art are on display at the Newton County Public Library, after which the exhibition moves to the Turner Lake Complex for a One-day Sale and Raffle Drawing to benefit the art program at Newton Senior Services.


Come see what a little creativity can do for all of us – no matter what our age!


Opening Night “Meet & Greet:” Meet the artists, their art and creativity coach – Ray Smith – and the Newton County Senior Services staff. November 8 from 6 PM to 8 PM. Newton County Library.


Fund Raiser Raffle: Limited Edition Print donated by Ray Smith, entitled Journey of The Red Umbrella is on display at the library. Beautifully framed and matted. Valued at $400. Tickets on sale now through NCSS at 770-787-0038, and Art Class members. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to treat yourself and support the art program at the same time.


Art Exhibition & One-Day Sale: Many framed and matted pieces, as well as limited edition prints, will be available for sale at NCSS on Tuesday, November 27 from 10 AM to 5 PM.


Give the gift of art! Proceeds benefit the Newton County Senior Services Art Program. Please consider becoming a sponsor or giving a donation to the NCSS Art Program. When you support your local seniors and the arts, you support yourself and your community.

What Students With No Previous Drawing Experience Are Saying 

Kristine’s Portrait Studies on Right

Kristine, 60’s •  I have been in the field of decorative painting and crafts but have no experience drawing. I have always found that art of any kind lifts you out of your circumstances. There is satisfaction  in working with your hands and much pleasure is derived from creativity. You cannot concentrate on a drawing and on your circumstances at the same time. I am learning to “see” differently …

Beverly, 60’s •  The drawing class is helping me to “let go,” appreciate our differences, realize limitations, and ask for help when I need it. The fellowship within the class has also given me the ability to talk to strangers.

Hazel, 91 •  I always thought I would like to try something like this but just never had the opportunity. I have enjoyed the fellowship. It has also made me look at things in a different way. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but here is one who is still trying and enjoying every minute.

Florence, 80’s •  Art gives me a wonderful feeling of being mentally and physically alert at my age.

Evelyn, 75 •  I found that I love to draw flowers and get lost in my work. Learning to draw has helped me to respect myself and have confidence that I can do it. Like the Little Red Train, I can do it!

Lillie •  Being here has given me a feeling of accomplishment. I’ve gained confidence. My life has value. I have learned to express joy and to laugh more. I see how art can be expressed in different forms.

Lois, 60’s •  I have gained the emotional freedom to try something new. Always I have wanted to learn how to draw but never had the courage to try. I walk into the class and, suddenly, I’m drawing pictures! Thank you, Ray, for sharing your knowledge and love of art with me.

What Students With Previous Drawing Experience Are Saying 

Pastel by Lillian Trau

Lillian T •  We’re not gonna be put on the shelf. We still have life. We still have spark. And we still have zest!

Beth B •  I haven’t worked with art for years but wanted to learn more. I had three semesters of art in school but have never had anyone show me the basics of drawing. I have more confidence in my artwork and self. I love stretching the “right side of my brain.” Drawing has even helped the arthritis in my hands. 

The Impact of the Art Class in Special Life Circumstances 

As a child, Evelyn W’s instincts were to use her left hand but she was disciplined to use her right so she started the NCSS drawing class as a right-handed person. After struggling to draw, Ray encouraged her to try drawing with her left hand. She eagerly accepted the switch and, at 80 plus years of age, she was doing wonderful work and advanced to experimenting with color. Before she passed on, Evelyn was as excited as a kid at Disney World about discovering her artist self.

Though drawing is often viewed as a solitary, self-motivated activity, it is obvious that in “casting the net” this class caught the attention and participation of some that would never have known the joy and healing that comes with being the artist! Great job Ray … and all!

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