Fun-Shway Workshop!

Feng Shui With A Twist: an unexpected or different direction, method, or slant.

Before the Twist
Before the Twist
After the Twist!
After the Twist!

Why the Twist?  Have you read the books and watched the TV shows only to find yourself more confused about how Feng Shui works or where to begin? Do you feel like harmony and balance in your home is a good idea but your Feng Shui IQ mutated into IQ-ITIS? (I Quit It Is Too Hard.) Are you new to Feng Shui and just want a fun way to satisfy your curiosity and explore what this life-enriching practice has to offer? This workshop is for you!

What the Bleep is Fun-Shway?  My playful, exploratory approach shows you how to activate the power of intention and attract into your home – and life – the best “chi for me.”

Fun-Shway is an attitude that offers a new pair of glasses through which to view what Feng Shui can do for you.

Start Fun-Shwaying!

  • Learn how to work with one of Feng Shui’s most powerful tools.
  • Activate a simple formula for tapping into the power of intention. (It’s no secret. Feng Shui works with the law of attraction!)
  • Learn to dialog with your space so you can decide what goes where and why.
  • Discover why centering and comfort zones are so important to the Feng Shui focus.

With over a decade of Feng Shui experience to share, I will show you how to see your home through Feng Shui eyes.

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LOCATION: 2015 Spring Schedule To Be Announced. Please check back or join my Facebook page for updates!





Contact me to register for this workshop. Materials provided. Preregistration is recommended.


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