And She Shall Have Music Wherever She Goes …

Musician, Songwriter,  Minister: Michele Sevacko
Gift Giveaway: Three Music CDs and One e-Book

  • “I’m Doing Life”
  • “Evolving”
  • “There Was a Song Inside of Me”
  • “Prayer: Be Positive … Be Practical … Just Be …”

Combining several different rhythms and genres, “I’m Doing Life” has been created with the intention and hope that it will “inspire, empower & entertain.” Accompanying herself on keyboard, percussion and harmonies, Michele’s original songs are a reflection of her life and spiritual journeys.

“Evolving” is a 30-minute instrumental CD of relaxing, meditative music.

Muse-Creations for Our Forgive it Forward Giveaway – Because forgiveness and creativity go hand-in-hand for us, Ray and I thought it would be fun to spice up our 35-day Forgive It Forward project launch with a focus on the arts. So, we sent a call out to the muses among us for a little assist and some inspiration.

Between June 14th and July 19th, we introduced artists, sculptors, potters, musicians – and more – who forgave it forward with us by donating a gift for a random drawing giveaway. Each muse answered two questions and shared a little bit about their creative process and passion. We hope they inspire you.

Michele Sevacko: Musician, Songwriter, New Thought Minister

An ordained Metaphysical/New Thought minister, Michele Sevacko lives in the Triad area of North Carolina with her husband and 4-legged kids. With a Ph.D. in Philosophy, specializing in Pastoral Counseling, Michele works from home (and heart) providing spiritual support services. Additionally, Michele serves through her Music Ministry sharing music and songs in churches, spiritual centers, the community and beyond.

Involved in music most of her life, Michele began writing original songs five years ago – including music for the play “Sojourner’s Song” presented by the Davie Co. Arts Council and the song for a Peace Walk & Festival, based on the theme “Many Voices – One Song,” which was recorded by area artists with proceeds going to the creation of a U.S. Department of Peace.  Michele’s eBook “Prayer: Be Positive … Be Practical … Just Be …” is her first book.

So, tell us Michele …

R&B: What does “forgive it forward” mean to you?

MS: To me, “forgive it forward” is a brilliant concept that is the ultimate expression of love and a major step toward healing the planet.  It means essentially  there is nothing to forgive – because in and through love, it is already forgiven.

“There Was A Song …” includes 12 original songs that honor unity and universal principles.

R&B: How do you feel your music ministry enriches your life and helps to heal our world?

MS: Creating songs, chants and instrumentals is one of the ways that Spirit moves in and through me.  All of the songs are a reflection of my life’s journey – both physical and spiritual; and generally focus on peace, love, faith, joy and universal truths.

With my ministries’ “mission” being “to inspire, empower and entertain,”  all of my writing (book and music) is created with the intention of having a healing effect at some level, as you are reminded of, and touched by those things that you know are true … sometimes through humor … always with heart …




This e-Book explores various aspects of prayer

Prayer: Be Positive … Be Practical … Just Be …

As the title suggests, this e-Book explores the many various aspects of prayer with a focus on being positive and practical in your approach.

Wherever there is Light you will find Michele!

Or … you can reach her on Facebook






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FIF: Earth boyDid you miss the Forgive it Forward video? Click here for the 3-minute video that started it all!

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21 thoughts on “And She Shall Have Music Wherever She Goes …

  • June 17, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Michele, thank you for your consistent and creative expressions of love for all there is!

  • June 17, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    I have to agree with Mickey! I Thank-YOU too Michele for all the smiles you put on my face whether it’s in the form of a comment or just a ‘like’! 😀 You truly ARE a unique & uber gifted Lady that I am sure GLAD I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!! 😀 And on my part….it is due to this wonderful Lady -Bernadette- who is our mutual friend!! *Big Hugs* to you BOTH!! 😀 Thank-YOU for enriching my Life in such a POSITIVE way!! 😀

    • June 17, 2010 at 10:19 pm

      uber, Karla?? Is that anything like a Goober??? 🙂 I’m enjoying our connection, very much and also thank B for that!! You are also very talented & unique…and as “we” grow more aware of our oneness with each other may we all come to realize that it’s a reflection of each other… The light in me beholds the light in you… <3

  • June 17, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    I loved your interpretation of what Forgive it Forward means to you.. so many people have asked what it all means or how they can apply it in their life.. I will copy, cut and paste it to all! Thanks from another NC gal! Suzanne

    • June 17, 2010 at 10:21 pm

      Thank you for your comment, Suzanne… Please look me up on FB so we can connect 😀 Peace & blessings <3

  • June 17, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
    Berthold Auerbach

    “When our time on earth is passing
    with shaded moments that remain,
    bless the souls who came to teach us
    to Inspire, empower and entertain…”
    Antony Ant

  • June 17, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    Thank you Bernadette (& Ray) for being such wonderful, gentle souls and for sharing Forgive It Forward with us. Also, thank you for the lovely write-up. It’s been a joy to be one of the Muses. Peace, love & blessings, Michele

  • June 17, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Dear Ant ~ What a good friend you are…thanks for the poem…that’s lovely…when you have a moment will you post it on my site??? lol Peace & <3 Michele

  • June 18, 2010 at 8:23 am

    Beautiful music, beautiful words, beautiful soul! Whoever win’s Michele’s gift will be filled to the brim by her wonderful spirit. Thank you, Michele, for the gift that you are. Sharron

    • June 18, 2010 at 8:28 am

      Thank you Sharron ~ The beauty you experience is a reflection of you!! <3

  • June 18, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    Beautiful view…….

  • June 19, 2010 at 8:52 am

    beautiful spirit…uplifting, positive messages…wonderful!

  • June 19, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    This is my first visit to this website. I am truly amazed at all the talent and spirit connected with each artist’s work and how they view life. I would LOVE to read your books Michele!! 🙂

  • June 24, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Thank you all, for your supportive comments… <3

  • June 27, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Your music is inspiring and I love you sense of humor, via Metta Fizzical, Ph.D.

  • July 8, 2010 at 2:10 am

    Amazing! My what a inspration you areI

    • July 8, 2010 at 9:11 am

      Thank you, Ronnie ~ In Oneness, peace & love, Michele

  • July 22, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    I had no idea. How wonderful to have met you even if it has only been electronically so far.

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