CherishAbility: Don’t Leave Home Without It.

CherishAbility Kitty

Cherishing is an act of willful rebellion in frenzied times. (Paraphrased from God is No Laughing Matter by Julia Cameron)

Cherishability is the ability to cherish and be cherished through insistent, repeated acts of willful rebellion to hone this skill in a messy life. Okay, so I know cherishability is not a word but you have to admit it rolls nicely off your tongue. And, after playing with it for a while, you might even have to cherish me for making it up.

Cherish is a rather lonely word in our culture. Sad for so precious a practice. When we cherish, “It is all good. It is all noticed. It is all placed on the scales of her heart, where her savoring of life’s riches counterbalances the payment of life’s costs.” (Same book.) Think about it. Couldn’t we all savor a good counterbalance once in awhile?

We spend a lot of time with other practices like visualizing, creating, hoping, wishing … BUT, when was the last time you thought to chERIsh? Or you felt chERished? (Hey, you gotta chERish me for my meSSy leTTers … spell check, however, fails to see their exPRESSive beAUty.)

Here’s a thought. Every morning, for the next 7 days,  find something you cherish … and CHERISH it. FEEL it in your heart. EMBRACE it in your psyche. And START by looking in the mirror and rebelliously cherishing you … as I do, BeLoved meSSie.

What or who do YOU cherish? Feel free to expand your cherishability here in a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “CherishAbility: Don’t Leave Home Without It.

  • February 8, 2015 at 6:37 am

    A wonderful word indeed! Thank you for reminding us of its beauty and the need to cherish something and/or someone every day.

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