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Bernadette Rose Smith Resident Muse of the Messy RoomI am so excited we found each other in this big, wonderful universe because I know that there are no coincidences. You are here for a reason.

This very meSSy rOOm is the place where I inspire and empower others while engaging in the activities that I love to share. As an intuitive guide, artist and writer, I offer a unique blend of inspiration for your heart, home and lifestyle. My intention is always to release the energy needed to sustain more of what makes you smile. As an intuitive, my experience spans decades – but who’s counting – in a variety of creative and spiritual modalities. As a mentor and muse, I use tools that encourage positive links between where you live and how you live – so you can live well!

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

Because a major life transition of my own led me to this work, I do not take lightly the transformational powers of awareness and intention when combined with action. I also understand, first hand, how the emotional impact of change can sometimes slow a process. What I love about being an intuitive guide and muse is that I get to show you how to honor your pace while holding your vision – whatever that may be.

I value your visit and hope you meander. Feel free to contact me and know that I read everything – though sometimes I am too far on the other side of the galaxy to answer promptly.

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“Bernadette, you walked into my home and provided insight and eyes to see things I couldn’t on my own. Rooms and things came alive … they supported me on my journey in ways that they wouldn’t have before your presence. I don’t think I understood the “everything is energy” phrase completely before you. I’m forever grateful for you. You inspire me. You made my world come alive!”

– Adrianne B., Atlanta, GA

“… it suddenly hit me that you had given me all I needed to make my own informed decisions about what would work for my environment. Thank you so much for the lesson in empowerment and freedom!!”

– Diane, Greenwood, SC

Survive as Yourself from Bernadette's Musings from the Messy Room

What Led Me To Create The Messy Room

The dictionary defines sanctuary as a place of refuge or protection. When my life turned upside down, back in 1994, the blank pages of my journal became that place. A refuge where I could rant, reflect, commune, witness, and even scribe wisdom from Divine Presence.

As I “came to” in my pages, I came to in my home. Half empty rooms and blank walls shifted as I opened to a curious dialog with the space around me. After so many years of sharing that space with my husband I became painfully aware of what our homes had not reflected: Who I was.

Confronted with the blank canvas of an echoing house after he moved out, I had no clue where to begin – realizing that every choice I ever made referenced to the needs and preferences of another. Aware of the power of choice given me, I slowly discovered the importance my environment played in my process to heal.

This life experience grew into a passion for creating sanctuary, giving birth to Enlightened Interiors. For 20-plus years, I was a teacher and practitioner in the intuitive arts of heart and home, helping others identify better ways to claim their space and support themselves using Feng Shui and professional organizing techniques.

Today, I am passionately committed to healing through intuitive guidance, creative expression and inspiration. I consult and gives workshops wherever I am led, sharing insights on how to heal spaces – within and without.

And, of course, I continue to write here in my meSSy rOOm!

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