When Enough Is Enough

enough is enough

“Can You Say No To Too Many Choices?” Great question posed in this article written by Barry Schwartz who eases us into the idea that more choices do not necessarily give us a greater sense of freedom with his visit to a local market where he encounters

… 285 varieties and brands of cookies, 75 iced tea drinks, 40 toothpastes, 230 soups, 175 salad dressings, and 275 cereals.

What’s the big deal, you say? Studies are showing that more choices have not made us more happy. More stressed? Yes. More depressed? Yes. More anxious? Yes.

Humbling? Yes. This is not where we thought we were heading a generation ago.

Fine. Lets go back to food choices then. They’re easy. Right? That is, until your partner asks you where you want Read more

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Muse-Fusion Walls with Art & Feng Shui

3  ways that Art and Feng Shui can empower your Home and Office.

Environmental Affirmations

Original Art Carries Potent Chi

Match Art to Room Function and Bagua


1. Environmental Affirmations

Art reflects aspects of yourself that can lift you up or drag you down. Art that engages with positive feelings through subject matter, color, or texture creates a wonderful environmental affirmation within your home. Whether you take the time to consciously enjoy it as you sip your morning coffee or unconsciously lose it in your rush out the door, art is always speaking on your behalf with its subliminal message. Advertisers drive their multi-million dollar industry on “fuel” provided by the power of inferred and subliminal messages everyday.

Take a moment to look at the art you have around you. What part of you is it affirming? Do you like what you see?

2. Original Art Carries Potent Chi


Art directly from the artist’s hand – whether a specially commissioned piece, a purchase from a local gallery, a gift or from your Aunt Martha, carries an increased amount of Chi.


Read more

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Dancing Fantasy

Kamansa Korner Sky

Photo Courtesy Karla Zdroik

How fortunate we are to make our life’s work centered on experiencing life with depth and creating a soulful response to it. – Linda Saccoccio

Dancing Fantasy, a group from Germany, had a song that played on the radio a number of years ago, entitled Walk of Life.

Something about this song resonated so strongly with me that, whenever it played, I would find myself lost in a daydream that never failed to lift my spirit. I would see myself dancing alone in the center of a large circular clearing deep within a forest – happily twirling about like a leaf carried on a gentle breeze.

One day a question popped into my head. What would happen if I “invited” people I knew Read more

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Find Your Spot With The Stars

Astralessence Stars

We all yearn for that special place that allows us to grow and be our best self while feeling safe and nurtured. Whether that spot is found within our home, our community, our passion or calling, or someone’s heart. In this time of rapidly changing circumstances and events, finding that spot is not always an easy task. And for some it is currently an uphill climb. For that reason, this post is dedicated to finding your spot using a rather creative medium. Astrology!

I have invited Shellie Enteen back (you may remember her as one of the Forgive It Forward muses) to share with us her take on finding your spot with the stars. Whether you are relocating or simply recalibrating where you are, we hope her expert  musings will assist and inspire you. Enjoy!

Where on Earth?

Guest Musings by: Shellie Enteen of Astralessence

While many know that the positions of the Sun and planets on the birthday can tell about a person’s nature and even predict life events, not as many realize that the same birth chart holds important information about which locations on earth are the most favorable places for that individual to live.

A Total View

When considering relocation charts, the astrologer keeps the person’s strengths and weaknesses in mind and also their goals and desires. Planetary line charts are consulted first to see areas to be pursued and areas to be avoided (some planets bring more challenges and are best in the background where they can’t make too much mischief). Certain reasonable places in desirable areas are noted and then the birth chart itself is relocated for the location and examined for the total planetary picture. The choices begin to narrow down and several are described in detail, listing their strengths and weaknesses so the client can make their own Read more

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Can You Find Your Spot?


One of our spots turned out to be Charleston, SC.


Where Would You Like to Live? Findyourspot.com is a fun way to explore the possibilities!

Most of us have had at least one opportunity to move. Maybe to further a career or advance an education. Maybe to care for an aging parent. Or maybe just because a nudge from a small voice within said we are supposed to be someplace else doing something else. No matter where it comes from or why, when confronted with that opportunity, we all have to make the same decision. Where do we rest our heads?

A point on a map may tell us how to get there but beyond that, then what? That little point encompasses a lot of territory. But what does it define? If you live there already, it defines everything. If you do not, it defines nothing usable as a personal experience from which to make a decision.

I have a friend who was looking for her spot not long ago. She sent me this link for FindYourSpot. Being “gypsy-esque,” Ray and I have a happy little system of our own that has worked rather well – chuckle – but we decided to take the survey and see how FindYourSpot’s ideas compared to ours. Read more

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