Inspiritus Guided Altars

I offer four Inspiritus Guided Altar Books. These interactive altar books are divinely designed for inspiration and fun with you in mind.

Inspiritus Altars by Bernadette Rose Smith of the Messy Room

The Leap of Faith Altar: This magical Inspiritus portal is brought into form with the intuitive guidance I receive on your behalf. Your engagement and delight begins when you receive the finished piece.

The Adventure Altar: This divine portal is a collaboration that includes your participation before I begin. It is perfect if you have a specific concern, interest or passion in mind that you would like your altar to reflect. I will ask you a series of short questions to aid in meeting your preferences for color, visuals, and subject matter before approaching spirit guidance for the rest.

The Bless You Altar: This share-the-love portal makes a delightful gift to mark a special occasion like a wedding or birth – or a transition point like a retirement or cancer survivor marker. It can also be gifted as an Adventure altar, however, it is best that you know this person very well so they will be able to receive such a wonderful and intimate gift comfortably. Otherwise, I will not be able to intuit what I need for this portal to be open for them.
Altar Books start at $385…

The Coffee Table Book Altar: A rare bird but they do appear from time to time. These are spontaneous altars I am inspired to create “just because” with the knowledge that they are not to be kept by me but are for someone whose path I have not yet crossed. I call them coffee table altars as they can also serve as creative inspiration for the spiritual art collector and connoisseur. I post these books in my blog so subscribe to my MuseLetter and/or blog if you would like to be notified when there’s a sighting!
Coffee Table Altar prices listed at time of sighting.

Inspiritus Mixed Media Art by Bernadette Rose Smith of the Messy room

About Your Inspiritus Altar Book

  • Books used are re-purposed and hardbound.
  • Altar books typically include six to nine spreads – that’s twelve to eighteen facing pages – not counting the title page.

Inspiritus Altar Blue by Bernadetee Rose Smith of the Messy Room

  • Most altar books encourage interactivity with spaces for notes and cubbies for ephemera.
  • Altar books come with prompts and suggestions whenever interactive page spreads are included.

Inspiritus Altar Collage by Bernadette Rose Smith of the Messy Room

  • Occasionally information comes through from Spirit for verbal sharing that is not to be included visually in the altar. In this case, we will schedule a phone session after you receive your altar book. There is not an additional charge for this impromptu “Inspiritus Message.”

Inspiritus Altered Book Cover by Bernadette Rose Smith of the Messy Room

About the Order Process:  Due to the sensitive nature and time involved in the creation of these altar books, I do only a limited number each year. (Though I absolutely adore this fusion of art, word, spirit and you!) Please be aware there may be a waiting list at the time you place your order. If this is an altar book reading for a special occasion allow ample time in advance.

How to Contact Me: We will schedule a time, via email, to talk about your altar creation so be sure and tell me the country you will be calling from. Once that time is set, you will receive a telephone number and access code based on whether you are in the USA or International. Call that number at the scheduled time and enter the access code. I currently use a free conference call service. Wish to get started?
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Because Inspiritus Altar Books are intuitively created solely for the recipient, payment for the altar is received in advance. You will be sent a PayPal link when we have agreed on the altar you wish to enjoy or gift. Shipping costs and best methods for shipping are determined after your altar book is completed. (When we know its weight and size.) At that time, you will receive a second PayPal link for shipping. I am not responsible for loss or damage by earth angel carriers so altar books will be insured upon shipping.

Inspiritus Altar Pink by Bernadette Rose Smith of the Messy Room

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