Intuitive Readings

Readings by Bernadette Rose Smith of The Messy Room Why I leave my crystal ball in the closet. Readings are not an exact science. We shift and change the quantum field the moment information is given word. Which is why I choose not to do readings with a crystal ball mindset. I have witnessed that ball shattering far too often when it collides with the spoken word and hidden belief systems, leaving the inquirer focused entirely on picking up the broken pieces. (Gee, I really wanted that shiny blue car, new job, soul mate…) When that happens, we miss the expansive windows of opportunity reflected in those pieces to image, ordain and manifest from a place of love – not fear. Not that I don’t get that crystal ball stuff, mind you, but experience has shown me how it is more helpful to weave that information into the energetic tapestry that is your life – the place where you co-create, day in and day out. I don’t want you to miss any opportunities for adventure, sitting on the curb waiting for that shiny blue car to show up. So, if you are looking for a fortune teller reading don’t come to me. You will be disappointed and frustrated as I direct your focus to the places in the story where your energy is blocked and work to help you to loosen its hold. (You know. The kind of stuck energy that delivers that shiny blue car to another curb on another street – where you’re not sitting?) Still want that reading? Good! Bring your issues and concerns to the session and we will tap into what your higher self and divine messengers want you to know! Here are the steps.
    1. Click on the PayPal button. You may use a credit card or your PayPal account to pay for the “90 minutes for $90? phone session special. (Regularly $150.) “Enlightened Ink” will show on your credit card statement.
    2. Click on the contact me link. We will arrange a time for your session via email. (Be sure and tell me the country you will be calling from.) Contact Me Link
    3. Once that time is set, you will receive a telephone number and access code based on whether you are in the USA or International. Call that number at the scheduled time and enter the access code. I currently use a free conference call service.
    4. Sit back, relax, and receive!