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Muses LOVE to play with words. Inside out. Upside down. Backwards. Forwards. They just can’t help their fidgety fascination with them. And Enlightened Ink is one of their playgrounds – as well as my publishing company. Whether you arrive as a reader or a writer – or both – you’ll find this playground currently includes four books and a veRy meSSy blog. XO Bernadette

Bernadette's Musings from the Messy Room Enlightened Ink Magic

MoonDancing: Using the cycles of the moon to supercharge your creativity and manifest your dreams.


Moondancing a book by Bernadette Rose Smith

The moon is not just a shiny disk hanging in the sky. It’s alive with every hope and dream cast its way. And manifestation is not work. It’s a dance with energy. Crank up the music and put on your favorite dancing shoes because, in MoonDancing, there are no bad dancers. My playful, practical approach gets you tapping happy no matter where you are in the cycle of life.
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These eBooks are downloadable and free. (For a little while anyway.) More are on their way so be sure to subscribe to my blog to receive the announcements.

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MoonDancing's Seven Day Guide to Mini-Manifesting eBook

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Bernadette’s Pages: An Intimate Crossroad

Bernadette's Pages: An Intimate Crossroad book cover

“I love you.”  Three simple words.

“There’s someone else.”  Three simple words.

Ever fall in love? Ever fall out? Then, you are not here by accident.

Betrayal. Forgiveness. Love. In the roundabout from “I do” to “I don’t” to “Now what,” this book captures the miracle of a new relationship with self and shares a love story of a different kind.

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