Moondancing by Bernadette Rose Smith

What do the law of attraction and the moon have in common? They dance.

The moon is not just a shiny disk hanging in the sky. It’s alive with every hope and dream cast its way. And manifestation is not work. It’s a dance with energy. In life, every trip invites a leap––every trudge, a soulful shuffle. Crank up the music and put on your favorite dancing shoes because, in MoonDancing, there are no bad dancers. Bernadette’s playful, practical approach gets you tapping happy on the dance floor no matter where you are in the cycle of life.

In MoonDancing You’ll Find:

  • Dance Steps: A simple four-part formula, partnered with three phases of the moon, to supercharge your dreams and dance through life.
  • Prompts: Over 30 quick, fun, insightful prompts to pick and choose from, designed to fit any schedule. Most can be done in less than 15 minutes.
  • Musing Pages: Blank pages to capture your thoughts and store your moonbeams. Whether you write, scribble, doodle or clip ‘n glue, these pages, found at the end of each prompt, invite you to make this dance your own.

Don’t be a wallflower. Open yourself to the joy found in the uniqueness of your dance. You came in humming a tune. Now lets get you dancing.

Order your copy and start moondancing today!

Moondancing a book by Bernadette Rose Smith

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• List Price: $14.95
• Paperback: 146 pages
• Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
• Special features: Creative spaces for artwork, notes, pictures, etc.


Read what Moondancers are saying!

Moondancing Mikey the Messy Room Kitty


“I love the structure, and couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. Bernadette’s MoonDancing proves to be the simplest, divinely effective self guide to getting to know and learn how to manifest through the cycles of the moon yet! This program may take one from beginner to intermediate creative moon devotee within a few months’ time. Surely, it is a guide to use time and time again and with room for reflections, the learner is bound to discover some magic all on their own.”

Michelle Quesada, Founder of The Mused Community/Creativity Challenges on Facebook, Mused and Michelle Quesada Art


“MoonDancing by Bernadette Rose Smith is a must have for anyone on a path of self-discovery and reflection. I love the concept Bernadette has so aptly captured with the energy and cycles of the moon as you journey from start to finish. Each cycle’s energy translating into practical steps of creating and manifesting your wants and desires to fruition. I know the law of attraction and manifestation process can seem woo-woo to many, but in her skilled wisdom of guiding you through the processes of each step with playfulness, creative exuberance, and authentic sharing of her own journey, you can feel her right there with you on your own journey. I loved how Bernadette brought the art of seeing life through different perspectives to the forefront in her own way, and in a way that I know will enrich my life so much more.”

– Di Riseborough, Intuitive Life Strategist, Speaker, F-Word Specialist


“Like many, I was creative, perhaps even artistic, as a young person, but this was not celebrated with outrageous enthusiasm. As a result, it all got put on the back shelf as I spent the better part of the last 30 years engaged in very left-brained pursuits.

For someone who gets to now reap the benefits of having re-kindled the fire on the right side of my brain later in my adult life, “MoonDancing” by Bernadette Smith became an unexpected delight! It’s not just a read, it’s an activity that awakens my childhood artist and prompts me to engage with her on a more powerful level.

Each awareness, action, intention and result helps me know myself more through a playful dance with the music of the universe, rather than a tedious method that sends me struggling upstream against it. Most of all, I love that it puts me directly in the driver seat of my own desires AND awakens my creative muse! It contained nuggets of techniques and tips I could directly apply to my creative work as well. Inspiration and instruction all rolled up into a beautiful package that is fun, airy, and light! A must have…in my opinion.”

– Juliette Mansour, Photographer at Casa Dresden and Blogger at The Additional f-Stop


What a fulfilling experience. Understanding and utilizing the energies of the different phases of the moon to help me tap more clearly and effectively into the Law of Attraction, into what I really wanted––an opportunity to really know myself––felt like the tool that was missing. It helped me focus and stay present to the moment, to the ebbs and flows of my own energies and those of our world. To sit in awareness, to set intentions, to act on those intentions––all supported by the energy of the moon phases––and then watch the results unfold. When I felt uninspired or stuck, knowing that the moon in all her glory would continue cycling, and nothing I did or didn’t do would stop her, helped me affirm my humanness and know that I could jump back into the cycles at any point if I got sidetracked––and once again be supported in manifesting my desires. I love the dance metaphor––so many varieties of steps and twirls to add to the music. Thank you, Bernadette, for your gift to us all!”

– Laurie R. Oliver, LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner of Life Dance Wellness Center


“This latest book of Bernadette’s shares her uniquely playful formula for harvesting the natural energy of our moon cycles to gently invoke awareness and then action, to create the positive changes we seek in our lives. What a graceful way to move through the components of creating lasting change!”

– Debra Gamble, Life Coach


“Bernadette Rose Smith is a goddess who inspires, motivates, and personifies the very definition of a muse. The formula in this artists’ path is like a gentle, spiritual love song to the reader. Leaving plenty of room to visualize, add notes, and pictures, the reader is free to capture their own unique dance.  These practical, yet evolving interactive steps and clear direction, provide a purpose driven path, which unveils and catapults the reader toward their own divine potential. If what you are looking for is a way to launch a new adventure or release untapped talents, then this inspired work is definitely for you. MoonDancing is a brilliant catalyst for all women who are looking for the incentive to be their own muse. You will not want to miss this rare experience of lessons learned, which can be passed down through generations of dancing souls still to arrive. Time to dance Lovies, our passionately creative muse is waiting on the dance floor!”

– Kimberly Jones Sanford, Sassy Southern Diva – Writer

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