Think of this projects page as the “You Are Here” on the map. (As messy as it is around here, you need a page like this.) Keep in mind; this is not a static page. My projects change and move around. Some are completed. Some are in process. Some are ongoing. Below are brief descriptions of what I have to date.   Moondancing: Using the Cycles of the Moon to Supercharge Your Creativity and Manifest Your Dreams (Ongoing)
Includes a book, visiting moondancing muses, collaborations, and calls for creatives.
Moondancing: Not Just a Phase. An age old dance. Moondancing is an activity book that activates and supercharges the energy to get you and your dreams on the dance floor at the same time. YEP! It’s time for festive manifesting, folks. And Moondancing is on my projects list because sometimes we don’t want to dance alone. Sometimes it’s fun to improv with others. Sometimes we need a place to share our inspirations and “ah-has,” and what better place than a messy room? So leap, tap, shuffle, strut or cartwheel your way over to my moon-landing page. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) The music is just starting – but I have lots planned and already have moondancing muses lined up outside the dance hall ready to play. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss the fun! CLiCK HERE for the Moondancing Muses. MD Cover Drop Shadow

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  By The Seat Of Your Pants
Includes a free eBook... and that's pretty much it. The travel itinerary is up to you.
By The Seat Of Your Pants eBook Cover Why do you need By The Seat Of Your Pants Travel Tips? Because, you don’t have time to pause for the travel itinerary when you’re trying to get through the next intersection without crashing. Lets face it. The stuff of life isn’t slowing down. No matter where you look there is chaos and drama. Enlightened, om-like pauses at the crossroads feel out of reach, especially when you’re playing dodge cars in an intersection where the traffic lights are out. That’s what this travel kit is for. To help you get through the real life, messy, by the seat of your pants moments – quickly and wreck free. So, why wait for the light to change? CLiCK HERE to download your free eBook now! And share it with as many friends as you like.   Bernadette’s Pages: An Intimate Crossroad Book and Art Project (Ongoing)
Includes a YouTube video, a Then & Now series, and a 121 Ways to Tear Up that Book and Make Art Series.
Unchain My Heart This project is the messiest of all. It started messy. With me, a struggling artist in search of herself and a copy of The Artist’s Way and my husband in search of himself and another woman the first 18 years, and our journey through forgiveness and acceptance the second 18 years. Okay, not that simple but you can imagine your own messy on this one. If the book is published why is this an ongoing project? Two reasons. 1. Because it's a message. Not a book. And a message doesn’t end with book in hand. Messages are not ours alone – and that makes it a community project in my book. (Cliché intended.) 2. Because I'm an artist and I just like the word “project” better. Try as I have, I still cringe with marketing and promoting. They’re not among my talents and I have much respect (and awe) for those who enjoy connecting the networking dots.


The YouTube Video There’s nothing like seeing a messy smidgen of your life put to music. (Like a wedding video in reverse, without the “I do’s” and the bad dancing. Almost worth the tears.)

This project was a lot of fun. I came up with the copy. My web muse, Juliette, provided her photography and the technical magic. I passed the project on to her with rough music/copy breaks and she did all the rest. When she sent me her first “draft” it was pronounced inspired and finished. (Oh, and I cried.)

Thank you, Juliette Mansour of Casa Dresden, for your vision in the creation of this trailer – and for "connecting me with the big picture."

  121 Ways to Tear Up that Book and Make Art (Ongoing) 121 Ways to Tear Up That Book Studio Shot Imagine This: You write a book. Publish it. Then, years later, hear the words;
“Tear it up. Tear up your book and make art with it.”
Would you? Would you upcycle it? Repurpose it? Alter it? I was curious. What would it feel like for the writer-me to take a back seat and let the artist-me play? Rebellious? Irreverent? A little exciting, maybe? What would it feel like to tear up my book and transform  its journey with betrayal and forgiveness to a new forum?

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  Then and Now: Time Travel through the Eyes of Bernadette’s Pages (Snippets) Then and Now: Falling This "time travel" project turned out to be a high maintenance inspiration that lasted a month. But I really like the format. Some great insights came out of it and I might even get back to finishing it. (I got sidetracked, again, and fell behind.)

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Bernadette's Pages: An Intimate Crossroad


CLiCK HERE for more information, reviews, and how to get your copy.           Forgive It Forward Project (Ongoing)
Includes a YouTube video, Let’s Talk posts from visiting muses, Muse Creations giveaway.
Three Blue Candles   Forgive It Forward was part of the avalanche of ideas that rumbled in shortly after finishing the book project video. Ray and I decided to celebrate and share what forgiveness gave to us by declaring it a virtual Forgive It Forward day. With all that has transpired, I am glad we forgave it forward before the forward part! This is an ongoing project that you can participate in with just a click! Care to join in the fun?

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