Muse-Fusion Walls with Art & Feng Shui

3  ways that Art and Feng Shui can empower your Home and Office.

Environmental Affirmations

Original Art Carries Potent Chi

Match Art to Room Function and Bagua


1. Environmental Affirmations

Art reflects aspects of yourself that can lift you up or drag you down. Art that engages with positive feelings through subject matter, color, or texture creates a wonderful environmental affirmation within your home. Whether you take the time to consciously enjoy it as you sip your morning coffee or unconsciously lose it in your rush out the door, art is always speaking on your behalf with its subliminal message. Advertisers drive their multi-million dollar industry on “fuel” provided by the power of inferred and subliminal messages everyday.

Take a moment to look at the art you have around you. What part of you is it affirming? Do you like what you see?

2. Original Art Carries Potent Chi


Art directly from the artist’s hand – whether a specially commissioned piece, a purchase from a local gallery, a gift or from your Aunt Martha, carries an increased amount of Chi.


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Can You Find Your Spot?


One of our spots turned out to be Charleston, SC.


Where Would You Like to Live? is a fun way to explore the possibilities!

Most of us have had at least one opportunity to move. Maybe to further a career or advance an education. Maybe to care for an aging parent. Or maybe just because a nudge from a small voice within said we are supposed to be someplace else doing something else. No matter where it comes from or why, when confronted with that opportunity, we all have to make the same decision. Where do we rest our heads?

A point on a map may tell us how to get there but beyond that, then what? That little point encompasses a lot of territory. But what does it define? If you live there already, it defines everything. If you do not, it defines nothing usable as a personal experience from which to make a decision.

I have a friend who was looking for her spot not long ago. She sent me this link for FindYourSpot. Being “gypsy-esque,” Ray and I have a happy little system of our own that has worked rather well – chuckle – but we decided to take the survey and see how FindYourSpot’s ideas compared to ours. Read more

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Four-Paw Feng Shui. Thank You, Mama.


Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Mine, often with four legs. A petite black cat was such a teacher.


I met Mama Cat in the summer of 2001. She came with our fixer-upper and was a feral through and through. The first couple of months she tolerated our invasion, watching our activities from a distance. She slept in an abandoned wicker chair on the far end of the front porch. The house had not been lived in for a long time and, according to our neighbor, Mama’s residence had been consistent enough to produce several litters in the crawl space under the house. She looked well fed so I assumed she was a good hunter or great scavenger. Turned out, a gal across the street had taken it upon herself to feed the neighborhood strays that were smart enough to find her front porch. Mama was one of those.

The three of us (me, Ray and Smitty the kitty) were living out of one room so making our old mill house livable – while tending to our livelihoods – took up the better portion of my attention. Mama was a silent presence as we carried in building materials and hauled out scraps. I didn’t give her much thought. That is until I glanced out our kitchen window one Read more

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Art. Feng Shui. And Mr. Right?

I’ll never forget one of my early Feng Shui consultations. A single, professionally successful woman hired me to come to her home and pinpoint why her work life and love life were so out of balance.

Seems she had a knack for finding men who lost their jobs shortly after the relationship moved into the “exclusively dating” mode. Being self-sufficient and of generous spirit she would always find herself assisting them while waiting for them to “step up to the plate.” The current Mr. Right shadowing her doorstep was particularly perplexing to her in that she could not just boot him out. Seems she really loved this one. (In all fairness, he did turn out to be Mr. Right. Last I heard they had married, moved, and were raising a beautiful baby boy.)

Putting on my Feng Shui eyes, I moved from room to room making suggestions. I did not see anything that reflected her work and love life challenge until I got to her bedroom. There, hanging right over the head of her bed, was a Read more

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Fun-Shway Workshop!

Feng Shui With A Twist: an unexpected or different direction, method, or slant.

Before the Twist
Before the Twist
After the Twist!
After the Twist!

Why the Twist?  Have you read the books and watched the TV shows only to find yourself more confused about how Feng Shui works or where to begin? Do you feel like harmony and balance in your home is a good idea but your Feng Shui IQ mutated into IQ-ITIS? (I Quit It Is Too Hard.) Are you new to Feng Shui and just want a fun way to satisfy your curiosity and explore what this life-enriching practice has to offer? This workshop is for you!

What the Bleep is Fun-Shway?  My playful, exploratory approach shows you how to activate the power of intention and attract into your home – and life – the best “chi for me.”

Fun-Shway is an attitude that offers a new pair of glasses through which to view what Feng Shui can do for you. Read more

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