Muse Fusions Wrap Recipes for Low-Stress, Low-Impact Holiday Gifts

Muse Fusions Wrap Recipes for Low-Stress, Low-Impact Holiday Gifts
Muse Fusions Gift Portfolio Wrap
Here are some creative holiday ideas that are gentle on the environment as well as the spirit!
LOW-IMPACT GIFT WRAPS Remember how Grandma used to press and save wrapping paper? Start your own tradition of “re-use.” Wrap presents in last year’s calendar, old posters, maps, coloring book pages, sheet music, blueprints, and pieces of old quilts or embroidered linens. Or my favorite – shopping bags! (As you can see I have a Trader Joe’s theme going.) Use strips of fabric and yarn as ties. Old costume jewelry, Christmas ornaments, fresh flowers, pine cones, and netting for bows. Make gift tags from last year’s Christmas cards. Silk drawstring bags with beaded tassels can hold all kinds of goodies and be used by the recipient the next season for their gift-wrapping. The year’s recipient can toss in a “fortune cookie” wish as they pass it on. What fun you can have watching those fortunes grow within your circle of family and friends! Take stocking stuffers beyond the fireplace mantel. Come up with gift-wrapping pairs. In other words, wrap a gift with a gift. Put kitchenware in a breadbasket, a gift card in a picture frame. Let a necklace and earrings adorn a plush teddy bear. Muse Fusions Trader Joes Gift Wrapping Paper LOW-STRESS GIFTS Gift a service. Housecleaning, clutter clearing, yard work, or car detailing. Pamper with a massage, facial or pedicure. Inspire with a tarot reading, energy clearing or Feng Shui consult. (Psst! I am offering a "Ring in the New Year" special on an intuitive reading. Yes. Shameless self-promotion. You will see the link below!) Gift lessons. Art lessons, music lessons, dance lessons or a pottery class. Gift an introductory coaching session in an area of interest. A writing coach for a blossoming novelist. A nutritional coach for someone wishing to change his or her eating habits. A creativity coach for someone who needs a jump-start back into his or her art. Gift your time. After the holidays, help with a project or take someone out for a play date. Muse Fusions Tea Bow Trader Joe Wrapper
Here’s a creative holiday idea that is gentle on the environment as well as the spirit. Book sleeve wrap + book + tea = cozy evening reading!
POST-HOLIDAY IDEAS Tree-Cycling. If you do not live in an area that offers post-holiday tree-cycling consider using your tree as a habitat for wildlife and birds by laying it out where the branches can offer shelter from the winter weather. Adorn the branches with seed cakes, fruit slices, or pine cones packed with a mixture of peanut butter and seeds. Be green with old things. Don’t let them clog up your closets as you head into the New Year! Donate them. Re-purpose them. Re-gift them. Look for municipalities that offer post-holiday electronics collection events for all your old electronics. Muse Fusions Paper Health Giftwrap
There is 25% more waste produced during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. That converts to one million extra tons of trash per week. I encourage you to consider ideas that not only save our landfills from the extra burden of this season but also save us from the extra stress that comes with juggling time, energy, and money in the holiday dash.
Click on the pic below if you want to know more about my intuitive services and specials. Muse Fusions Intuitive Reading Special Have some great holiday ideas of your own? I’d love to have you share them here! If you like this post, then please LIKE and SHARE because together we CREATE a better world! And be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my Messy Room for more musings and inspirations to come!

Messy or Magical: YOU Be the Reason for the Season

Bernadette's Musings from the Messy Room Messy and Magical Holiday Message I find myself off the map this holiday season, alone with my kitties and the “ghosts of Christmas past.” Caught in reflection and releasing attachment to stories that cannot – need not – be revisited, repurposed, or recycled. Being mindful not to compare what my “reason for the season” looks like to those displayed around me. Just quietly aware of the many nuances of human experience beneath all the hustle and bustle, and living with the sense that it is okay for me to be alone this year. That it is, indeed, necessary. There is a freedom that comes in recognizing that there are times when tradition serves us well and other times when it simply does not. This is a “not” year. I am grateful to recognize that and embrace the gifts it has to offer and not grasp for the questionable recreation found in re-creations of the near or distant past. Guess you could say this is a “we three kings disoriented are” holiday. (I am not without a sense of humor. When my GPS is down, I look up.) If you are off the map this holiday season, this is the deal – what I know to be true. First of all, you are not alone. Secondly, whether through tradition or ritual or breaking all the rules of thumb, you are the magic-maker found in every season of your life. So, wherever you are this year, make it count. Love anyway. Laugh anyway. Be present anyway. This may be one of those silent whisper gifting kind of holidays. Find peace with the pieces and joy in the little pleasures found on the fringes of your day-to-day activities. Some years we have to enjoy the trimmings while the gift is "made ready." Those three kings may be disoriented but they do deliver. They look up, too – and they will find you where you are. Be ready to receive. I know I am. Peace be with you this season.

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