Messy or Magical: YOU Be the Reason for the Season

Bernadette's Musings from the Messy Room Messy and Magical Holiday Message

I find myself off the map this holiday season, alone with my kitties and the “ghosts of Christmas past.” Caught in reflection and releasing attachment to stories that cannot – need not – be revisited, repurposed, or recycled. Being mindful not to compare what my “reason for the season” looks like to those displayed around me. Just quietly aware of the many nuances of human experience beneath all the hustle and bustle, and living with the sense that it is okay for me to be alone this year. That it is, indeed, necessary.

There is a freedom that comes in recognizing that there are times when tradition serves us well and other times when it simply does not. This is a “not” year. I am grateful to recognize that and embrace the gifts it has to offer and not grasp for the questionable recreation found in re-creations of the near or distant past.

Guess you could say this is a “we three kings disoriented are” holiday. (I am not without a sense of humor. When my GPS is down, I look up.)

If you are off the map this holiday season, this is the deal – what I know to be true. First of all, you are not alone. Secondly, whether through Read more

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CherishAbility: Don’t Leave Home Without It.

CherishAbility Kitty

Cherishing is an act of willful rebellion in frenzied times. (Paraphrased from God is No Laughing Matter by Julia Cameron)

Cherishability is the ability to cherish and be cherished through insistent, repeated acts of willful rebellion to hone this skill in a messy life. Okay, so I know cherishability is not a word but you have to admit it rolls nicely off your tongue. And, after playing with it for a while, you might even have to cherish me for making it up.

Cherish is a rather lonely word in our culture. Sad for so precious a practice. When we cherish, Read more

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Gravity: while under the influence

So You Think You Can Dance: Gravity

g r a v i t y
1. The natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the center of the body.
2. The serious nature of something because of the worrying or significant consequences it has or could have.


What do you do when gravity meets gravity? When the one form of gravity meets the other and you find yourself living under the influence?

gravity while under the influence of loss
gravity while under the influence of disease
gravity while under the influence of frustration
gravity while under the influence of politics
gravity while under the influence of impotence
gravity while under the influence of insecurity
gravity while under the influence of religion
gravity while under the influence of debate
gravity while under the influence of media
gravity while under the influence of loneliness
gravity while under the influence of hunger

When gravity collaborates with gravity – some might say conspires – what saves your life? What keeps you going or starts you up again?


Wile E. Coyote Falling
Do you become a Wile E. Coyote cavern …
floating feather
… or a feather that never again touches down to caress a face?


There are events in life that cause us to visit the extremes depicted by these two pictures but most times we find ourselves caught somewhere in the middle – where my question remains the same.




What saves your life?
What allows you to get up and live your life anyway?

Is it working? Is it really working? Then share it here because some of us are open for trying new ideas or in need of a jump-start.

Could you do better? Should you do better or different? Then share that here because there are those of us who will certainly identify and let you know that you are not alone.

As I watch the media report another horrific event and witness a multitude of copings with gravity I can’t help but feel this is a conversation we all need to have because, like it or not, we are under the influence of gravity – together. Read more

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Gleaning: A Poor Man’s Harvest?

glean 1. To go over a harvested field and gather by hand any usable parts of the crop that remain   2. To collect information in small amounts over a period of time

gleanings 1. Usable parts of a crop that are left behind in a harvested field and can be gathered in by hand   2. Objects or ideas that have been gathered or amassed over a period of time, especially when they form a collection or comprehensive whole


Ever throw out a tattered dress or shirt with the buttons still on? Or a pair of pants with a “perfectly good” zipper? (Brief audio flashback to my grandmother’s voice.)

Gleanings. There was a time, not so long ago in our history, when those buttons would have been cut off that dress or shirt and any fabric that could be restored to favor got salvaged into great grandma’s next quilt. And lets not forget the rest of the scraps that found favor as rags for household chores.

Leave it to an ephemera junkie to think about gleaning as she sorts through bags of 100 year old buttons and snaps and hooks and eyes  oh my! on a Sunday afternoon.

Gleanings. Clipped off tattered clothing and passed from Ray’s grandmother’s hands to his mother’s to mine.

“What’s the difference between gleaning and hoarding?” I wonder out loud, as I separate buttons into glass jars.

“Purpose.” Responds my right-brained husband, as he prepares a gleaned canvas for his next painting.

Sigh of relief. Well, then that makes us gleaners. Read more

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