Moondancing with Ethereal Gypsy, Candi Walker-Snyder

Moondancing Ethereal Gypsy Photography Forest Gypsies

Moondancing Ethereal Gypsy Photography River Scene

Today, as part of The Messy Room Moondancing Muse Series, we are dancing to the moon and back with photographer, adventurer, striped socks wearer, and foster mom to homeless but much loved books, Candi Walker-Snyder, of Ethereal Gypsy Photography and Literary Leftovers Used Bookstore. She is also June’s  facilitating muse in A Mused Community’s 2016 Creativity Challenges (they are using my book, Moondancing, as a guide) as well as a contributing muse for Muses of Art & Soul on Facebook.

Candi’s eyes get quite a workout between her love of books and her passion for photography. Whether wandering a nature trail or between a row of bookcases, Candi is right at home. Without further ado or drum roll, lets jump in and find out what else makes this muse tick. Read more

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When I was little …

Ray on a Sunday Morning Muse

When I was little …

I examined my bedroom from my bed – upside down.

I viewed other worlds in the television set – while it was off.

And I especially liked to see how many layers of reflections I could capture in a pane of glass …


Like this reflection of Ray on a Sunday morning while we were talking about why he loves painting chiaroscuro.

“It’s the focus on light. Without the subject’s relationship to light …” and he was off.

With me right on his heals as we talked about the light and THE LIGHT. About art and spirituality.

As the rising sun angled a beam across the living room, I looked over his shoulder and caught this image in the cabinet behind him.

“Don’t move. I’m getting the camera.” Read more

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Kicking the Can Project: Part 2

Effects by PhotoFunia-PBR

The creative collaboration continues …

Ever play “kick the can” when you were a kid? You’d happen on an abandoned can and before you knew it you were three blocks past your house. Maybe you’d even get lucky and meet a friend or two on your journey. One could travel around the world with a couple of friends and a can. That is what we are doing here. Kicking the virtual can …

Missed Part 1 of this project? Click Here.

Some pretty wild threads of conversation in The Messy Room’s back room (Facebook’s Inbox) and Juliette’s photo entitled “Random Pastings” inspired this comment from Michele Sevacko …

“… this [inbox] thread has caused me to pause and remember that conversation is also an art … and occurring in many places simultaneously. As it is layered and built on it takes it – and me – to another level.”

Here’s her can, kicked from the woods of North Carolina.

Random Pastings by Juliette Mansour

“Random Pastings” photo by Juliette Mansour

Random Pastings and The Art of Conversation
by Michele Sevacko

As I’ve been going about my “busy-ness” and “being-ness” today, I’ve continued to reflect on the idea of conversation as an art – as I see it showing up in responses to emails, phone calls and Facebook posts.

Using Facebook as one example:
I have found that, just as there are artists who paint, take photos or sculpt things that seem so real you just want to step into the scene, there are people who are so “real” in what they are communicating you feel that you’re there with them – although they can easily be on the other side of the globe. These are my “Realists.”

Then, there are the people that relate just the “facts,” who feel it is their duty to keep us informed. There are also the people that only want to know the “facts.” Collectively, they represent my “Cubists” – not because of a similarity to the style of art but because they seem to be stuck in a box/cube and are not willing to venture out and see what else they might experience outside of the “facts.” Read more

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Kicking the Can: A Collaboration

Effects by PhotoFunia-PBR

Ever play “kick the can” when you were a kid? You’d happen on an abandoned can and before you knew it you were three blocks past your house. Maybe you’d even get lucky and meet a friend or two on your journey.

One could travel around the world with a couple of friends and a can. And that is what we are doing here. Kicking the virtual can! To follow the can, I have to take you to the time BEFORE the can appeared. It started with a post on ephemera. My Life As Ephemera, actually. The game began with a contribution from Sharron. A mandala that she created from my ephemera shot. And a poem.

I thought, “How delightful! I must share this right away.” But a little voice (you know the one) said, “Wait. There’s more.” So I waited. That’s when the can appeared. Well, really, it was a comment made by Juliette on my second ephemera post, Shoe Boxes & Found Objects, with a link to HER blog where “Voila!” the can appeared.

So, I kicked it. And she kicked it back. Then we sent out a call to see if anyone else wanted to play. (That’s when I discovered The Messy Room has a back room … heheheh … one that I dare not post!)

So, here is the first kick from Sharron Cee in South Carolina:

Ephemera to Mandala Composite


A Mandala: Created from the shot I used in my post, My Life as Ephemera. Read more

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Juliette’s Street Ephemera

Pabst Blue Street Ephemera by Juliette Mansour

Photo by Juliette Mansour of Casa Dresden

Inspiration is unpredictable. That’s what makes it so magical. When it strikes it has that first time freshness – like falling in love – that defies the dull, deadening impulses of the mundane.

We might yearn for inspiration. Even create an environment that encourages it. But, in the end, inspiration will not be bought nor controlled. That we might take delight.

As a street photographer, Juliette finds her inspiration is often right around the corner. We seem to share a muse because what inspires her frequently inspires me. Her comment and blog link on Shoeboxes and Found Objects inspired an ephemeral muse-fusion that we are collaborating to capture. That we might share delight!

“Bernadette, you can find interesting ephemera on the streets! Check out this collection of odd, artistic, far out street stuff on my blog … okay, well some are ephemera anyway!”

Street Stories: Many Angry Eggs
Many Angry Eggs

“From carved out, psychedelic-colored, old refrigerators to creepy skulls hanging from a tree, here are some bizarre things found on the street that makes one stop and think, “how did that get there?”

Street Stories Winter Seating
Winter Seating

Juliette Close UpYou can get to know Juliette better and see more of her work on this post: Bilingual Chick with a Knack for Creative Stuff.


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