Mermaid Nets and Viking Runes

I toss and turn all night, awash in a sea of aquamarine and green, streaked with silver phosphorescence, drifting through the velvet night from a necklace of meteors. I raft down a river of paint, but unlike Huck Finn, my oar is a paintbrush that struggles to free me from whirlpools of cerulean blue. Then day breaks, and I trudge through a black-and-white world in sensible shoes. – Loretta Benedetto Marvel, from Mermaid Nets and Other Twice-Told Tales


Loretta and I– along with some Vikings, a mermaid, a couple of muses and a curious kitty – shared coffee after I finished writing in my journal this morning.

As some of you know, 2011 is pushing me to return to a more active participation with my art – to get out of my head and off the pages with it. The past number of months I have been gathering myself and my ephemera and creating a place for it to happen.

I am going to attempt something a bit on the raw side with this post. (Hope I don’t lose you.) I don’t often share my morning writings “as is” in this blog but I feel a collaboration coming on with this Loretta who I have never met but whose story sliced into my artist’s heart with the precision of a surgeon. (I found Loretta in the back pages of a mixed-media magazine for artistic discovery. Cloth Paper Scissors, page 92 of the March/April issue to be exact.)

So, here’s the collaboration:
Pieces of my morning pages and Loretta’s story woven together to paint the experience of a Sunday musing. “J” is my journal. “LS” is Loretta’s story. (I hope Loretta and Cloth Paper Scissors will forgive my presumption to post my morning experience with them in this way before asking permission. And that they will be appeased with links and credits.) Read more

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Dancing Fantasy

Kamansa Korner Sky

Photo Courtesy Karla Zdroik

How fortunate we are to make our life’s work centered on experiencing life with depth and creating a soulful response to it. – Linda Saccoccio

Dancing Fantasy, a group from Germany, had a song that played on the radio a number of years ago, entitled Walk of Life.

Something about this song resonated so strongly with me that, whenever it played, I would find myself lost in a daydream that never failed to lift my spirit. I would see myself dancing alone in the center of a large circular clearing deep within a forest – happily twirling about like a leaf carried on a gentle breeze.

One day a question popped into my head. What would happen if I “invited” people I knew Read more

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Quoth the Raven “$20 more.”

Footprints in Sand

Forgive it Forward: Follow Those Footprints

Sometimes it helps to follow in someone’s footsteps – even if only for a short while. For that reason, Ray and I have started this series; a virtual footprint forum for muses with stories, ideas and tips that we think worth sharing. We hope your ‘walk’ with them makes your day a little lighter and brighter –and that you leave with something that inspires you to forgive it forward, backward, upward and downward!

In this post, we invite you to follow Suzanne’s footprints as she shares a magical story about how far a $20 bill will travel!

GUEST MUSINGS BY: Suzanne Smith, Travel Consultant

Recently, my 14-year-old daughter and I went on a road trip. Mother-Daughter bonding time that I felt was needed. Even though there are only the two of us in this house, we spend a lot of our time living separate lives. What better way to force us to talk about more than “pick up your clothes” and “take me to the Mall” than a thousand mile road trip in the middle of summer during a 95+ heat wave!

We started our journey from Charlotte, NC to Baltimore, MD midday on a Thursday. I didn’t want to push my 13-year-old car too hard so we stopped at just about every rest area between Charlotte and our first night’s stop in Fredericksburg, VA. My daughter was irritated. “Do we need to stop at every rest area? You have already pe’ed twice!!” (Hey, I am old, what can I say? We kept stopping.) Six hours into the drive and fifteen miles from our exit I saw another rest area.

“No way”… “Yes way”… We pulled in.

After “resting” and emptying the “travel” trash, I started to get into the car and looked down. A nice crisp $20 bill was there on the pavement. I looked around. No one in sight. I went to the minivan next to me and peered in the Read more

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