Quoth the Raven “$20 more.”

Footprints in Sand

Forgive it Forward: Follow Those Footprints

Sometimes it helps to follow in someone’s footsteps – even if only for a short while. For that reason, Ray and I have started this series; a virtual footprint forum for muses with stories, ideas and tips that we think worth sharing. We hope your ‘walk’ with them makes your day a little lighter and brighter –and that you leave with something that inspires you to forgive it forward, backward, upward and downward!

In this post, we invite you to follow Suzanne’s footprints as she shares a magical story about how far a $20 bill will travel!

GUEST MUSINGS BY: Suzanne Smith, Travel Consultant

Recently, my 14-year-old daughter and I went on a road trip. Mother-Daughter bonding time that I felt was needed. Even though there are only the two of us in this house, we spend a lot of our time living separate lives. What better way to force us to talk about more than “pick up your clothes” and “take me to the Mall” than a thousand mile road trip in the middle of summer during a 95+ heat wave!

We started our journey from Charlotte, NC to Baltimore, MD midday on a Thursday. I didn’t want to push my 13-year-old car too hard so we stopped at just about every rest area between Charlotte and our first night’s stop in Fredericksburg, VA. My daughter was irritated. “Do we need to stop at every rest area? You have already pe’ed twice!!” (Hey, I am old, what can I say? We kept stopping.) Six hours into the drive and fifteen miles from our exit I saw another rest area.

“No way”… “Yes way”… We pulled in.

After “resting” and emptying the “travel” trash, I started to get into the car and looked down. A nice crisp $20 bill was there on the pavement. I looked around. No one in sight. I went to the minivan next to me and peered in the Read more

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Can You Find Your Spot?


One of our spots turned out to be Charleston, SC.


Where Would You Like to Live? Findyourspot.com is a fun way to explore the possibilities!

Most of us have had at least one opportunity to move. Maybe to further a career or advance an education. Maybe to care for an aging parent. Or maybe just because a nudge from a small voice within said we are supposed to be someplace else doing something else. No matter where it comes from or why, when confronted with that opportunity, we all have to make the same decision. Where do we rest our heads?

A point on a map may tell us how to get there but beyond that, then what? That little point encompasses a lot of territory. But what does it define? If you live there already, it defines everything. If you do not, it defines nothing usable as a personal experience from which to make a decision.

I have a friend who was looking for her spot not long ago. She sent me this link for FindYourSpot. Being “gypsy-esque,” Ray and I have a happy little system of our own that has worked rather well – chuckle – but we decided to take the survey and see how FindYourSpot’s ideas compared to ours. Read more

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