Muse Fusions Wrap Recipes for Low-Stress, Low-Impact Holiday Gifts

Muse Fusions Gift Portfolio Wrap

Muse Fusions Gift Portfolio Wrap

Here are some creative holiday ideas that are gentle on the environment as well as the spirit!

Remember how Grandma
used to press and save wrapping paper? Start your own tradition of “re-use.” Wrap presents in last year’s calendar, old posters, maps, coloring book pages, sheet music, blueprints, and pieces of old quilts or embroidered linens. Or my favorite – shopping bags! (As you can see I have a Trader Joe’s theme going.)

Use strips of fabric and yarn as ties. Old costume jewelry, Christmas ornaments, fresh flowers, pine cones, and netting for bows. Make gift tags from last year’s Christmas cards.

Silk drawstring bags with beaded tassels can hold all kinds of goodies and be used by the recipient the next season for their gift-wrapping. The year’s recipient can toss in a “fortune cookie” wish as they pass it on. What fun you can have watching those fortunes grow within your circle of family and friends!

Take stocking stuffers beyond the fireplace mantel. Come up with gift-wrapping pairs. In other words, wrap a gift with a gift. Put kitchenware in a breadbasket, a gift card in a picture frame. Let a necklace and earrings adorn a plush teddy bear. Read more

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Moondancing with April Hughes of Prilli’s Pastimes

Moondancing April Hughes Prillis Pastimes

Moondancing April Hughes Banner

Today, as part of The Messy Room Moondancing Muse Series, we are dancing to the moon and back with Renaissance-minded adventurer of all things creative, April Hughes of Prilli’s Pastimes the Facebook page and Etsy shop where she currently dabbles in dangling and jingly wire-wrapped delights that are adorably adorn-able. She is also May’s facilitating muse, Clio, in A Mused Community’s 2016 Creativity Challenges (they are using my book, Moondancing, as a guide – woohoo) as well as a weekly contributing muse for Muses of Art & Soul on Facebook.

April enjoys wire work, beading, cross stitch, knitting, and making hanging sculpture type thingies. So, before we get too “wrapped up” here, lets jump in and find out what makes this muse tick. Read more

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Visual Storytelling: She Pitched Her Tie and Put on Pearls

Mixed Media Art, She Pitched Her Tie and Put on Pearls by Bernadette Rose Smith

A string of pearls with the affirming message,
“Today is the day to find courage within,”
lightly dance around the tail of a man’s tie

like the wave of the Chinese symbol for yin and yang.

The oyster with its soft, sensitive body, not unlike a woman’s,
creates a pearl when challenged by the irritation

and discomfort of a grain of sand or grit.
Wisdom that comes from life experience is hard won
in the same way pearls are created.

“Pearls of wisdom” dance around a woman’s throat from where
she gives voice to hard won opalescent experiences
of sacred passion, desire, being, creativity and so much more.


What happens when a woman wears a tie or puts on pearls? As women – single, married, divorced – how do we maintain balance with bringing home the bacon and frying it? My desire with Ties and Pearls was to create a piece that spoke to the invisible partnering of the male and female in each of us, and how that manifests in our relationships in a visually appealing way. Read more

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Does Happily-Ever-After Have a Shelf Life?

Torn Pages from The Artist's Way

Ever find yourself in the place where you thought happily-ever-after would be and it doesn’t remotely resemble your imaginings? Did you shop the wrong store? Miss an expiration date?

What do YOU do when your happily-ever-after package does not look, in hand, the same way it looked on the shelf?

I am inspired to tear up books. Okay, I hear you book lovers gasping. I love books, too, so let me explain. Read more

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121 Ways to Tear Up that Book: #1 through 3.

Tear Up That Book Studio Desk

Imagine This …

You write a book. Publish it. Then, years later, hear the words;

“Tear it up. Tear up your book and make art with it.”

Would you? Would you upcycle it? Repurpose it? Alter it?

I was curious. What would it feel like for the writer-me to take a back seat and let the artist-me play?

Rebellious? Irreverent? A little exciting, maybe?

What would it feel like to tear up my book and transform its journey with betrayal and forgiveness to a new forum?

Forum as in ongoing. Not form as in static.

An image pops into my head.

“Tear out a page. Grab some charcoal. Call it Surrender.” whispers the muse.

Wow. I’m loving this one.

Read more

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