Dancing Fantasy

Kamansa Korner Sky

Photo Courtesy Karla Zdroik

How fortunate we are to make our life’s work centered on experiencing life with depth and creating a soulful response to it. – Linda Saccoccio

Dancing Fantasy, a group from Germany, had a song that played on the radio a number of years ago, entitled Walk of Life.

Something about this song resonated so strongly with me that, whenever it played, I would find myself lost in a daydream that never failed to lift my spirit. I would see myself dancing alone in the center of a large circular clearing deep within a forest – happily twirling about like a leaf carried on a gentle breeze.

One day a question popped into my head. What would happen if I “invited” people I knew Read more

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Metaphysical Malpractice (a.k.a. what did you do to deserve this?)

Footprints in Sand

Forgive it Forward: Follow Those Footprints

Sometimes it helps to follow in someone’s footsteps – even if only for a short while. For that reason, Ray and I have started this series; a virtual footprint forum for muses with stories, ideas and tips that we think worth sharing. We hope your ‘walk’ with them makes your day a little lighter and brighter – and that you leave with something that inspires you to forgive it forward, backward, upward and downward!

In this post, we invite you to follow Michele’s footprints. (And we encourage you to pay close attention because, though she has a big heart, she has little feet that like to break out in dance.)


GUEST MUSINGS BY: Michele Sevacko, New Thought Minister

Note: If you always get what you desire – if you only attract “good” – then you might want to skip this post. (Or better still, contribute to this post!) 

If, like me, you’ve been involved in New Thought or Metaphysics for a while (even just a little while) or if you’ve explored the Law of Attraction, you may have heard the expression “what did you (or I) do to attract this?”

I call this “Metaphysical Malpractice.” Often, all this question results in is feelings of guilt – ’cause if you’re attracting it, then you must’ve done something “wrong” or “bad.”  Right?

Well, not really. There may be something that you could possibly do differently; but it’s not about making a judgment of bad, good, better, etc. That just takes you one step further into the land of guilt. (OR possibly resentment of the person(s) that suggested that you must have done something to draw this to you.) In either case, you’re now presented with an opportunity to practice forgiveness. And, in those times that forgiveness doesn’t seem to come easily, you’ll be happy to know that your willingness puts you halfway there. As well as dealing with the opportunities for forgiveness this brings up, you may also be interested in some ideas for how to eliminate this scenario.

Enter the concept of being “divinely aligned.” Read more

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Old Road. New Map.

Sunset Rooftops

Photo Courtesy of Karla Zdroik

  • Then & Now Project: The journey from “I do” to “I don’t” to “what now” is complicated. This project shares snippets from my book – taken from my journal then. These posts reveal pieces of the journey in a “that was then, this is now” format with my posting days matching journal entry days. (Sort of a time-fusion.) I hope this project focus will offer food for thought in your own life – whether you do, don’t or might. XO



If memory is all you have of the past, and what you base your present choices on, why not give yourself a different “memory” to choose from?


Journal, April 5, 1994 “It’s time to wake up and be conscious of what I’ve been doing. It’s time to change the script. To look in my own mirror. This separation was probably the only thing that would have caught and held my attention so I would stop and look at this victim mentality I support … “


2010:  Starting with a spirit dialog and ending with a vision, there are six entries in my book for April 5th and that presents me with a dilemma. How do I maintain a storyline and support growth without wearing you out?  Because March was such a big month (52 journal entries) there was a lot that I didn’t include in my March posts, some of which I now realize laid the foundation for today’s insights about how we create our reality. (I told you this “out of context” stuff could get messy.)

Today, I’m ditching my concerns about the storyline progression and inviting you to leap with me into some pretty heady stuff about how we use – and abuse – our relationship with time to create our life experiences. (If you are Read more

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