About My Messy Room

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Messy Room Rule #1:  Relax and be yourself!  Well, okay, there aren’t any rules in a messy room but if there were, #1 is a great place to start. What is the messy room?  It’s what the kitchen is to the dining room. The studio is to the gallery. Behind the curtains is to the stage. It’s a place to share our beautiful messes!  A place to stir it up, explore, and express our creative impulses freely – from raw to finished. A place where we play without having to put up, clean up or polish up just because somebody stops by.

Art of Becoming poster

Why this messy room and who am I?

I'm NOT an expert or celebrity. And I don’t have a reality TV show. But my first book exposes a messy time in my relationship with myself, my life and my marriage. I share a different kind of love story and this room allows me to do it in a “that was my mess then, this is my mess now” way. I SHARE my mess as evidence that not losing  yourself when faced with disappointments or broken promises can lead to happily-ever-after and that messy moments are often invitations to fall more deeply in love with YOU. I AM a “should not have made it with my baggage” gal who learned to love and forgive and somehow, after working my butt off in the roundabout from "I do” to “I don’t” and back to "now what," wound up with a journal ...
that turned into a book that birthed a publishing company that led to a website a YouTube account a Facebook Page another book creative projects out the wazoo and this intentionally messy blog that pretty much insures I will never be viewed as an expert or celebrity.
Sometimes the wrong things DO happen for the right reasons!

"Re-Source Your Resources" visual journal art by Bernadette Rose Smith

What will you find here? Projects! They are the heart of what inspires me and keeps me going. Old ones. New ones. Ongoing ones. Playful ones. Serious ones. Videos. Books. Artwork. Giveaways. Click to see the projects. Lifestyle Stuff! Browse my Categories on the right sidebar and you find a messy list of heart and home interests. I gave up trying to contain or order my fancies and decided that variety is one of the things I actually LIKE about life. If my list overwhelms you, don’t worry; most posts are short and digestible in small doses. Then there's me, the resident muse, Bernadette Rose Smith. Bernadette Rose Smith: Resident Muse of Bernadette's Musings from the Messy RoomI value your visit and hope that you see yourself spending quality time here. Feel free to contact me. And know that I read everything – though sometimes find I am not always able to balance time and energy to answer promptly. (Perhaps you might identify.) If you read a post that credits another muse, I try to provide current links that allow you to contact them directly or find out more about them. If you want to know more about me or the work I do when not in THIS messy room, you’ll find me at MuseFusions, where I offer a unique fusion of heart, home and lifestyle support through my intuitive readings. Click for MuseFusions. You’ll find the writer-me at Enlightened Ink.  I currently have two books published. (Available here or on Amazon.) And the artist-me, well, her mess is right here!