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Your personal muse empowering you in heart, home, and lifestyle with creative fusions designed to enrich your life and lighten your steps.

Experience Muse-Fusions
What I do as an Intuitive and your Enlightened Interiors Muse encompasses your life – inside and out. Granted, I have not been a muse as long as the original nine and my father is not Zeus, but I do offer experience that spans two decades and then some. As your personal muse, I inspire a unique fusion of heart, home and lifestyle support. In our work together, you gain insight and discover tools that encourage and strengthen positive links between where you live and how you live.

Experience a Muse (with a side-twist of therapist)
I do not believe that one size fits all in any of the services I offer so be ready for a light-handed, flexible approach. Whatever your dream or goal, it is my desire that you be as enthusiastic about the journey as you are about the destination. I am here to inspire, guide, and focus you – at your pace – while you transform your home and your life.

Though not a therapist, I strive to create the same atmosphere of safety, trust, and confidentiality. In a world that changes as rapidly as ours, the value in sustaining sanctuary is not to be underrated. After all, it is your home and your heart that springboard the journeys you choose to undertake!

Make any personal space feel good, no matter what the size or what your budget. Click on the links below to check out the intuitive heart and home services I offer.

Feng Shui Feature 600x330

Muse Fusions Feng Shui

Intuitive Feng Shui & Décor Therapy The simplest of creatures have an instinct for finding and creating shelter. Havens, sculpted to suit the needs and activities that support their lives. Are we any less inspired? Or have we lost ourRead more

Enlightened Interiors Muse Fusions Clutter Feature

Muse Fusions Clutter Clearing

So Much Stuff. So Many Decisions. So Little Time. Feel like a cliche, racing through life in the fast lane? Do you catch yourself clutter-muttering when you can’t find something? Have you lost your office? Your car? Are you mergingRead more

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Enlightened Interiors Testimonials

Bernadette, you walked into my home and provided insight and eyes to see things I couldn’t on my own. Rooms and things came alive … they supported me on my journey in ways that they wouldn’t have before your presence. I don’t think I understood the “everything is energy” phrase completely before you. I’m forever grateful for you. You inspire me. You made my world come alive!

– Adrianne B., Atlanta, GA

… it suddenly hit me that you had given me all I needed to make my own informed decisions about what would work for my environment. Thank you so much for the lesson in empowerment and freedom!

– Diane, Greenwood, SC