Muse Fusions Clutter Clearing

So Much Stuff. So Many Decisions. So Little Time.
Feel like a cliche, racing through life in the fast lane? Do you catch yourself clutter-muttering when you can’t find something? Have you lost your office? Your car? Are you merging two households? Moving an aging parent? Are you ready to downsize and set sail into your me-time? I’ll show you how to stop flailing and start flinging!

Your Personal Clutter Buddy
If you are struggling with clutter magnets in your home or workplace, you are sitting on a goldmine of untapped energy. (And I love goldmines.) Your clutter is an invitation to a great adventure. Like going on an archaeological dig to uncover a mysterious lost civilization. (Okay, maybe not that dramatic.) Let’s just say I am enthusiastic about your clutter because I see the transformative “rush” awaiting you on the other side of addressing it. It doesn’t matter to me if clutter has camped out on your desk, the guest room, or the whole house; the first things I invite you to pitch are frustration and embarrassment.

Saturday, I have scheduled 4 hours to start my room… I feel like I really have a good plan and a great goal/vision to keep me inspired! See if you can’t get a copy of the book, “Now Discover Your Strengths.” I am positive that ‘teacher’ is in your top 5!  – Toni H. Atlanta, GA

Intuitive Feng Shui Fusion
Feng Shui tells you why you need to address your clutter – but then what? Professional organizers tell you how to bring order to your space – but what if it is not as simple as implementing a system? I believe, unless you integrate the “why and how” with who you are and what you want, you won’t experience the benefits you’re looking for. As an intuitive I am ready to help you connect the dots!

About Your Clutter Clearing and Organizing Consultation
Whether you choose to do it yourself, want me to work side-by-side with you, or contract me to manage it all, our clutter consultation starts with a phone conversation to pinpoint what some of your challenges are and how they are impacting you. As an intuitive, this helps me get a feel for how to approach your project before arriving.

On the day of your appointment, we’ll look at challenged areas and come up with a plan that meets your special needs and concerns. We’ll talk about how to re-create your space by working with what you have as well as any additional support materials you might need to purchase. If you intend to do it yourself, I am available for clutter coaching (phone sessions) to get you past unanticipated hurdles and keep you focused on your goal. If you require assistance in implementing your plan, or need a jump-start day, I am available for that as well. I make a good clutter buddy and am not shy about rolling up my sleeves. (I’ll even haul your discards to the Goodwill to save you from retrieving articles and smuggling them back into the house after I leave!)

Where the Heart Stuff Comes In
While I am task orientated and enjoy seeing the finished results, I understand that the emotional impact of change can sometimes slow the process. The key element to clearing and organizing is honoring your pace while holding the vision. Be assured, home and heart flow seamlessly in what I do. Because a major life transition of my own led me to this work, I do not take lightly the transformational powers of a well thought home and what we sometimes have to go through to get there. If you are moved to explore “heart stuff” that comes up in the process, I am available for additional support by phone. Phone sessions range anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.

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You decide what percentage of heart-with-home you want to experience in our work together.

  • If you want me to keep you on track with your home project and just coach you through design decisions and technical hurdles – I can do that.
  • If you want me to move you through the emotional terrain of change while simultaneously keeping you focused on changes within your home – I can do that.
  • If you want me to be there to fine-tune with you after the dust settles to empower you through the move, the new start up business, the job change, the divorce, the kids leaving home – I can do that, too!

Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our dwellings… thereafter our dwellings shape us.” As you shape your dwelling and your dwelling shapes you, I am in your corner – your closet, your garage, your office …

Have questions or wish to schedule a consultation? Contact me!

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