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Intuitive Feng Shui & Décor Therapy
The simplest of creatures have an instinct for finding and creating shelter. Havens, sculpted to suit the needs and activities that support their lives. Are we any less inspired? Or have we lost our nesting instinct in the blur? With the world at our doorstep – offering more choices than we can possibly make in a lifetime – how do we decide what to invite in? How do we create a home that is comfortable, supportive, and aesthetically pleasing?

Every spirit builds itself a house. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Good Design, Magic or Quantum Physics?
Enlightened approaches like Feng Shui captivate our imagination in ways that almost seem magical. Furniture placement, color, direction, and the five elements seem to take on supernatural powers that link us to a secret world of alchemy. Encouraged to reconnect with the spaces around us, a sense of wonder emerges when we start to witness synchronistic responses to our Feng Shui adjustments.

Focused Energy or Superstition?
Feng Shui gets results when we focus on what matters to us. We hold the key. There is no power in Feng Shui that is not already within us. When we choose to adopt its practice we tap into a quantum field, a collective synergy that activates energy in alignment with our intentions. With our heart as compass, we combine awareness, intention, and action to strengthen and balance our homes and workplaces in ways that sustain and support us.

What is Décor Therapy?
How does our home greet us after a long, stressful day in the world? Do we feel welcomed or more overwhelmed? Décor therapy acknowledges the power of the storyteller in the objects around us. Every object has a story and every story enlists a response from us. Think of it as subliminal advertising. What are we ‘”buying into” when we walk through the door? What subliminal messages are we investing energy in and giving power to? Reinforcing our “happy stories” with Feng Shui principles activates a powerful template that invites and anchors the positive life experiences we yearn for.

It suddenly hit me that you had given me all the information I needed to make my own informed decisions about what would work for my environment; that I had to trust my instincts because ultimately it was up to me – it is what has meaning and pleases me.  Thank you so much for the lesson in empowerment and freedom!!  – Diane B. Greenwood, SC

About Your Consultation

An average Feng Shui consultation takes two to three hours. We start with a phone conversation so I can gain a better idea of what your needs are and focus on your intentions before arriving. (If you’re not sure what your intentions are, don’t worry. As an intuitive and your personal muse, I’ll coax them out of you!)

On the day of your appointment, I’ll look for challenged areas and suggest adjustments that best meet your special needs and concerns. We’ll talk about how to re-create your space by working with what you have as well as making enlightened choices if you are in the process of re-decorating. When I leave, you will have a practical and doable plan. If you require assistance in implementing your plan (or just need a jump-start) I am available for that as well. (You’ll find I am not shy about rolling up my sleeves for a ‘Fun-Shway’ workday!)

You might be wondering, “But where does the heart stuff come in?”
That part depends on you. If you’ve read this far, you have interests and concerns beyond the basic aesthetics of your home. Be assured, heart stuff and home stuff flow seamlessly into my sessions. Because a major life transition of my own led me to this work, I do not take lightly the transformational powers of a well thought home. If, after I leave, you are moved to explore further something we discussed in your session, I am available for additional intuitive or mentoring support by phone. Phone sessions range anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.

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The beauty of our work together is that you decide what percentage of heart-with-home you want to experience.

  • If you want me to keep you on track with your home project and just coach you through design decisions and technical hurdles – I can do that.
  • If you want me to move you through the emotional terrain of change while simultaneously keeping you focused on changes within your home – I can do that.
  • If you want me to be there to fine-tune with you after the dust settles to empower you through the move, the new start up business, the job change, the divorce, the kids leaving home – I can do that, too!

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