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As an intuitive artist, combining words and books with art is always a divinely guided inspiritus adventure. Mixed- media layers fascinate me. Re-purposing and upcycling thrill me. Paper is just plain juicy. And time spent journaling – whether morning pages or visual – keeps me centered and sane in life’s fast lane.

Spirit-Art-Words. Art-Words-Spirit. Words-Spirit-Art. It doesn’t matter where I start; one always leads to the other two in fascinating fusions.

This shop, Muse Fusions Messy Room, ties my ever evolving eclectic mix of passions and interests together. I hope you enjoy your time there and find something for your home and heart that will inspire you on your journey.

The world needs each of us to keep creating and sharing our gifts. We all need a little boost sometime in answering the call of our muses. That’s why I do what I do. If I can make you smile or give YOU cause to muse, then my work here is done! CLICK HERE to go to my Etsy Shop

She Pitched her Ties and Put on Pearls