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This month’s Featured Shop belongs to jewelry designer and millinery muse, Sandra Callahan, owner of Whims and Brims where vintage is everything. Yes, pretty much everything and the kitchen sink – well, its drain plate, anyway.

Whims and Brims Steampunk Brooch



Sandra Callahan, Owner of Whims and BrimsMeet the Whims and Brims Muse!

Was “steampunk” a word 30 years ago? Probably not. But that is when I started creating steampunk jewelry, and its been a passion ever since. I still see friends and family wearing pieces that I made in those days, which offers me a sense of pride in both the creations and their durability.

I’ve now coined the term “steampriss” to better describe my work, as Steampunk with a feminine twist, reworked to earn the name Steampriss.

My hat making came into play after a car accident and the on-going diagnosis of having occipital neuralgia. I discovered that the slightest breeze or change in temperature could trigger tremendous pain. Hat wearing became a necessity in my life. Now, it has become the silver lining that offers both my inner child and my inner artist an opportunity to come out and play.

It was only after I started making hats that I discovered my grandmother was a milliner; and even though she is no longer with us, the creating of these head pieces has become a new bonding ground for me and my mother to share.

In honor of my grandmother, who died from cancer, a portion of all of my hat sales will go to benefit the Susan Komen Cancer Foundation.

Whims and Brims, the name of my new store, I hope will conjure the ideas of “cloches and brooches,” hats and wearable art. I am always happy to take custom orders and I love developing a personal relationship with my customers. I’d love to have you check-in and check me out.”

CLICK on photos below for more information on each piece or, if they are sold, to visit Sandra’s Etsy Shop and see what other whimsical vintage she offers, CLICK HERE!

Whims and Brims Steampunk Brooch

Upcycled Watchworks Steampunk Vintage Brooch  •  $28.00


Whims and Brims Pearl Brooch

Pocket Watch Pearl and Rhinestone Brooch  •  $36.00



Whims and Brims Cloche

1920’s Gray Contemporary Flapper Cloche Benefits Susan Komen foundation



Black Vintage Gatsby Cloche Asymmetrical


Whims and Brims Black Cloche






Visit Whims and Brims Etsy Shop to see what other whimsical vintage Sandra offers. CLICK HERE!

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