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What Reviewers Are Saying about Bernadette’s Pages …

“… the insightful and deeply personal account of an incredible journey through love, loss, and self-discovery. Bernadette’s Pages guides its readers through the hardship and heart break of losing love and having to collect ones-self through the pain and confrontational intricacies of a flawed relationship. With her vividly written and inherently wise descriptive narrative of first-hand compromise, Bernadette’s Pages is very strongly recommended reading, especially for those who are experiencing a love lost, are searching for a breakthrough of self and life, are hoping to find life again on their own terms, and thereafter progress to the emotional rewards of a positive and healthy relationship.”

– The Midwest Book Review


“The key to a peace in the world is not justice, as many claim, but responsibility. Gain for yourself, through Bernadette’s healing process, the profound gifts responsibility gives. From Bernadette’s Pages you will learn how to gain peace and, at the same time, be making an important contribution to a peaceful world!”

-dr. michael ryce, author of Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?!


“Hallelujah!!! A woman finally admits that the real reason her husband cheated on her was because she was cheating on herself. Therefore, the truth, “like attracts like” comes to the light with a meaning so much deeper than the words could ever imply. I laughed. I cheered. I was so proud of her…dismissing the traditional, stereotypical excuses women (and men) tell themselves when they are confronted with an “unfaithful” spouse. Instead she delves into her own soul, her own spirit uncovering what she instinctively knew had been lying dormant there for many years. This experience forces her truth to the surface. Bernadette begins to remember the true purpose of her relationship with her husband – she was not in love with him, she was using him as an opportunity to fall in love with herself… again, and again, and again…more and more and more. This is an excellent book…READ IT!!”

– T. Davis, Marietta, GA


“Bernadette’s Pages is so far reaching in its ability to affect the reader from a mental, emotional and spiritual perspective that it therefore qualifies as not just a book, but as a tool that reverberates the untouched layers of the psyche over many days. Starting from a common theme (marital stress) and even common thought patterns that engage the reader through this open diary, Bernadette appears to at first, simply share a story of a very rocky road between a man and a woman. Yet there are subtle invitations woven into these pages that permeate a deeper place within the reader such that even after you bookmark the page for the night, you are affected for the hours between readings. Such is the affect of a really good massage – working through sometimes painful kinks to achieve a much needed balance. Bernadette’s Pages speaks for many. It closes wounds and it and allows the reader to see a new light enter through the window.”

– Juliette Mansour, Atlanta, GA


“Bernadette will take you on her journey from heartache to triumphant renewal, providing intimate insights into self empowerment and listening to divine guidance thru the emotional chaos.”

– Suzanne DeMarchi, Cheshire, CT


“This book reveals pain and heartache at levels beyond the human experience and yet the wisdom shared and revealed is profound and uplifting … for anyone who is healing the heart, emotionally or spiritually. Ms. Smith captures the human spirit and allows the reader to reflect and explore their inner fears, sadness, and truth and in the end offers hope. Take the journey to explore your own intimate crossroad through Bernadette’s. A must read for anyone who has experienced sadness and loss around a relationship. This book will bring healing to any wounded heart.”

– Rev. Gordon McGregor, Director of Development and Community Outreach Nantucket AIDS Network, MA


“Bernadette is a scribe for the collective experience. The journal sheds light along the spiritual journey even at its darkest hour. In these pages is a piece of all of us.”

– Jackie Manning, Cheshire, CT

“Bernadette has the ability to get her inner voice down on paper. She clearly demonstrates how to bring journaling to the next level. What a wonderful tool for individuals seeking inner peace and successful relationships.”

– Devra Ursem-Phillips, Visions Unlimited Coaching, Covington, GA


“Bernadette’s Pages is an intense journey … Through her courageous insights and divine messages, I was led to self-examine my own negative core beliefs. By repeated examples, she reminds one to ask: Am I operating my life from fear? What if I chose love now – how would my life, my relationships be different?Bernadette’s Pages will change your perspective on life just as it did mine. It is truly Divinely inspired and beautifully written.”

– Dr. Kathryn L. Lawson, D.C., Wholistic Chiropractor, Decatur, GA


“This book is a must read … a beacon for your own personal journey of discovery. Whether you feel compelled to stay or are contemplating leaving, this book will open your eyes.”

– Ron D. Simmons, Detective, Charlotte, NC