Welcome to Muse Fusions!

I don’t know how you found me but I’m glad you did. I also don’t believe in coincidences. There is something here for you to find.

Who am I? Bernadette Rose Smith, an intuitive guide and mentor, artist and writer, blogger and storyteller – and Muse Fusions’ resident muse.

What is Muse Fusions? It's the playground where I connect with you to draw in and open to intuitive inspiration that lightens your steps – whether you are on or off the map.

My style is that of a muse but, unlike Zeus and the other nine, I refuse to specialize in one thing. This makes me very good at being a personal muse who intuits what you need. I'm not afraid to venture off the map with you or break the rules. One size does not fit all in this intuitive playground – so relax!

f u s i o n s • a merging or blending of different elements into a union a fusing or melting together; a state of fluidity or flowing a nuclear reaction that forms more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy

There are three passions I dance with daily and you will experience the benefit of their fusions here.

Spirit-Art-Words. Art-Words-Spirit. Words-Spirit-Art. It doesn’t matter where I start; one always leads to the other two in fascinating and empowering ways that connect to the good stuff of life. And I love to share!

Intuitive readings. Muse mentoring. Books. Art. Creative fusions designed to enrich your life and bring in more of what is precious to you.

Okay. This is the part where you scroll down and find what called you here. The links below lead to a variety of Muse Fusions services. Click on the pictures to follow your muse!

Muse Fusions Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings and Services

What I love about being an intuitive guide and mentoring muse is that I get to show folks how to honor their pace while holding their vision – whatever that may be. I understand, first hand, how the emotional impactRead more

Muse Fusions Home

Enlightened Ink

Muses LOVE to play with words. Inside out. Upside down. Backwards. Forwards. They just can’t help their fidgety fascination with them. And Enlightened Ink is one of their playgrounds – as well as my publishing company. Whether you arrive asRead more

Musings from the Messy Room Blog Feature

Musings from the Messy Room

The blog where the muses cut and paste, scribble and splat, tear and tie it all together with a collage of beautiful messes and lifestyle tips that inspire you to explore, grow and embrace your own personal dance!  Visit theRead more


An Activity Book…

Using the cycles of the moon to supercharge your creativity and manifest your dreams. What do the law of attraction and the moon have in common? They dance. The moon is not just a shiny disk hanging in the sky.Read more

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PaRDoN ThE DuST!! When muses are musing and fusing they can be a little messy and scattered before they settle into a rhythm – which is not for long so don’t blink or you’ll miss something.